Mistresses Hour

This is certainly not possible everywhere but you can come to me. A surprise and a little pressure on your ego during the Mistress hour. Do you want to prove something to Me or to yourself? Are you totally ignorant and submissive and willing to come along in my “rollorcoaster”?
Where I normally ask you beforehand what your trigger is, what your desires and wishes are, I will not do this in the Mistress hour. The only thing I want to know is if you are healthy and if can come home with marks on your body.
I will play with you my way during these sessions without taking your preferences and you will undergo this as a true slave. You have the right to plee for forgiveness twice. When you plee for the third time, the sessions stops and you will be confined the rest of the session.
The amount of money is the same as in a “normal” session but you will get an extra 15 minutes for free because I’m so very very sweet!