Half Day Pass

Can you clean while wearing a buttplug? Wearing an apron, suspenders and walking (or stumbeling) on high heels? Or as a stark naked slave but provided with wrist- and ankle cuffs, perhaps nipple clamps or chains on your body on and knees.
In between sessions there will of course be a one on one session with the Mistress. Being locked up in a cage, blindfolded and chained, listening how others walk by, touching you, watch you or maybe criticize you. Assist or watch at a different session (provided you have permission ftom the slave of that moment).
Shopping for your Mistress? In your own clothes but wearing a collar of course. Would it show? Naturally you leave your underwear at the studio so you feel your trousers slide against your bare balls and cock. Making coffee, serve and polish leather and boots, give foot massage or heavenly serve as trainingmaterial and or furnature.
The possibilities are endless while your in the studio for 4 hours. This is possible on Wednesdays and Thursdays but only after making an appointment by phone 06-27534703. The costs are a mere 450 euros. Taking a shower of course is possible, a drink is included.